Terms and Conditions

Guest Rental Agreement for Renting a Chattanooga Vacation Home with River City Rentals.

River City Rentals appreciates your reservation and looks forward to having you as a guest in one of our Chattanooga homes. This Rental Contract creates a binding agreement between River City Rentals (RCR), Agent for the Property Owner, and the Guest or Guests, as designated below.


Reservation Process:

Airbnb - If booked on Airbnb, the below information does not apply. Guest will be making payments through Airbnb.

VRBO - If booked on VRBO the below information does not apply. Guest will be making payments through VRBO.

Direct Bookings:

A prepayment of 50% is required when your reservation is made. The remainder of your balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. There is also an option to pay for the reservation in full. River City Rentals permits the payment of rent by use of a credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.   


Standard Cancellation Deadline and Fees:

Airbnb/VRBO - Airbnb and VRBO bookings will be subject to the cancellation policy agreed upon on Airbnb/VRBO at the time of booking. You can visit your Airbnb or VRBO reservation to see what your cancellation policy is.


Direct booking - River City Rentals Website:

*Reservations canceled within 30-day notice to arrival date are subject to a $200 Fee.

*Reservations canceled less than 3 weeks prior to arrive date will receive 50% refund.

*Reservations canceled 7 days or less (last minute cancellations) will receive no refund.

*Cancellation policy applies to last minute bookings as well.

River City Rentals is not able to give refunds or make changes to the reservation due to weather-related issues, acts of God (i.e., snow, wind, rain, power outages), medical emergencies, illness, death, or any other causes beyond their control. River City Rentals is also not able to offer refunds for early departures.


Arrival and Departure:

Check-in is 4:00 PM

Check–out is 10:00 AM

Early check-in or late check-out times may be arranged (when available) with River City Rentals. Please message us and we will let you know. Early arrivals or late departures without prior arrangement with River City Rentals are subject to additional fees.

Guest(s) shall leave premises in clean, undamaged condition. Upon your departure, you will be expected to take out the garbage, load dishes into the dishwasher (if property has one) or wash all soiled dishes and leave on the drying rack, leave linens on the bed but pile all soiled towels in a pile next to laundry machine, and follow the check-out guidelines posted in the property and included in the check-in information. The property should be in a reasonably clean condition, similar to the way you found it. The cleaning fee covers laundry, sanitization, and cleaning associated with “normal” use. Please make sure you have not left any belongings, check drawers, closets, and showers. River City Rentals is not and cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

River City Rentals is not responsible for any lost or left behind items.


Quiet Hours:

Property quiet hours are from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. These hours are strictly enforced. If excessive noise or disturbances occur resulting in a notification by police or neighbors, all Guests may be asked to vacate the Property and will forfeit the reservation and all rental fees paid. Guests will be responsible for any citations or fines issued as a result of the noise and disturbances of guests and their invitees.


Maximum Occupancy:
The maximum number of occupancy in the property during the stay is limited to the number of persons specified in the property listing. This limit includes children older than 2 years old. Additional persons will result in an immediate termination of this Agreement, expulsion of all Guests, and forfeiture of all Rent paid (unless agreed to in writing by River City Rental).


NO Smoking:

All properties are non-smoking. This includes e-Cigarettes, Vapes, and all newer devices. Please make sure everyone in your party understands this and you are responsible for your whole party's behavior. If any sign of smoking is discovered, Guest authorizes River City Rental to charge Guest an additional minimum $500 smoking fee.

If you or a group member smokes outside, please smoke 30 feet away from the home and dispose of any/all cigarettes in the outdoor trash can. Do NOT throw cigarettes on the ground.


NO Partying:

We enforce a very strict no partying policy. If your group leaves the property in an unfit condition or if there is any evidence of partying the reservation will be charged a $500 partying fee. Guest will be held responsible for replacing and damaged items.


Damage Waiver:

Airbnb/VRBO: The below information does not apply if the guest booked with Airbnb or VRBO. Airbnb and VRBO have their own contract when a guest books a property with River City Rentals. If you do find any damages upon arrival, please contact the office at (423) 226 - 1146.

Direct Booking - River City Rentals requires each reservation to participate in the Damage Waiver Program which is a required fee paid at the time of checkout. This Damage Waiver covers up to $50 of unintentional damage to your vacation rental property during your stay. This Damage waiver does not cover any of the following; 1) Damage as a result of intentional acts or gross negligence; 2) Damage as a result of a violation of the Rental Contract, policies, procedures, and printed rules provided at any time or posted on-site; 3) Loss, theft or damage to any personal effects owned by the guest.

Any damages found upon arrival need to be reported to the office at (423) 226-1146 by 8 a.m. the day after arrival so you are not charged for damage you did not create. Guests will be responsible for any damages or theft thereafter. Accidents causing damage need to be reported upon occurrence by calling (423) 226-1146.


Use of Property:

This reservation is for quiet residential vacation accommodations only. The use of premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors or other residents. River City Rentals has the right to terminate this Contract and to ask disruptive Guest(s) to vacate the premises without refunding rent or deposits. Minors (under 18) are not to be left alone or unchaperoned. Guests may not sublet or assign this Contract. Guests understand that River City Rentals cannot guarantee that neighboring properties or any complex a property resides in will be free from disturbances and/or not be under construction, being repaired, or maintained in any way, or that State construction projects will not be in progress around the rental property. These disturbances are not a reason for termination of this Contract, nor is it a reason for a refund.


Property Conditions:

River City Rentals makes every effort to ensure the property, all equipment, and appliances are in good and working order prior to your arrival. If there is a malfunction, or if Guest has any other issues with the property, Guest must report the issue to River City Rentals immediately by telephone or via email. River City Rentals shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to restore the property to an acceptable condition. Any issues presented after check-out cannot be remedied and are not cause for compensation, from River City Rentals to the Guest. There is no refund for early departures.



We do not allow pets - No dogs, cats or other pets are allowed.

If any evidence of an undisclosed animal is discovered during or after the stay, guests will be charged a minimum of a $500 fee for ionization, carpet cleaning, and any additional cleaning needed in order to return the property to its original condition. In addition, any and all damages caused by an animal are the sole responsibility of the Guest.


Age Requirement:

Guests must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age to book a reservation and acknowledge that they may be asked to provide proof of age at the time the reservation is made. Guests are responsible for all other persons staying or visiting the Property during the Reservation. If a Guest is not twenty-five (25) years or older, River City Rentals reserves the right to terminate the reservation.


Property Availability:

Guests understand that in the event a property in which they have a reservation is sold or is no longer being rented, a comparable alternate unit will be offered to guests in a timely fashion for their approval. If a guest does not approve, they must give notice within the cancellation period stated in the contract, and a refund will be issued.


Internet Access:

All properties managed by River City Rentals have wireless internet access provided by the property owner as a courtesy for Guest. River City Rentals makes every effort to ensure this service is working properly but is not responsible for problems with internet service or Guest’s computer. River City Rentals does not provide any technical support and no refunds are issued for internet service problems.


Hot Tubs:

Some properties have private hot tubs. These tubs are maintained by a professional company and checked weekly and between each guest for cleanliness. Guests must allow access to the property to perform service (service person will enter the property to check tub if the guest is not on-premises).

Please observe and adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the property regarding the safe use of the hot tub. The hot tub and surrounding patio/deck can be dangerous and can be slippery when wet. Guests accept and assume all risks involved in, or related to, the use of the hot tub and patio/deck areas and release River City Rentals and the homeowner from any and all liability or loss that may result in connection with the use of the hot tub.  River City Rentals makes no guarantees related to the hot tub and its use. However, if there is a problem with the hot tub during your stay please contact River City Rentals immediately so that we can contact the hot tub company to remedy the problem.



Excessive Wear and Tear:

If excessive wear and tear is found in the home during or after the Guest departure, or additional cleaning is necessary due to spills, trash left on site, excessive trash, stains to furnishings, Guest authorizes River City Rentals to charge to cover these costs. Guests will be provided with a receipt for any additional fees incurred upon request, or as required by local laws or regulations. River City Rentals reserves the right to hold an estimated amount on Guest’s credit card until final receipts or invoices are available.



All of the properties belonging to the River City Rentals rental program are privately owned. Therefore, each rental property will be uniquely different in decor, equipment, etc. Misrepresentation of any or all properties is unintentional. All properties come equipped with a basic supply of sheets and towels, hand soap, dish soap, multipurpose cleaner, garbage bags, coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, and general housewares. We suggest you bring your own additional shampoo and conditioner, and other convenience items.


Chargebacks Fees:

Guest agrees that in the event Guest disputes any credit card or debit card charges by River City Rentals with their financial institution or credit card issuer and said the dispute is resolved in favor of River City Rentals, Guest will be responsible for all fees associated with the dispute plus $100.

This does not apply for Airbnb/VRBO bookings.